Data Analysis and Report Writing Discount When Purchased Together

10% off booking data analysis and report writing services together

I can offer a 10% discount when you book a data analysis together with a report writing service. Monitor your competitors, find out what the market is doing, analyse your sales performances, discover your strengths and weaknesses and help them improve your business by revising your marketing, sales and purchasing strategies. Buy your data analysis and report today. Contact me for further information, discuss your requirements or to ask for a quote.
How to qualify?
To take advantage of this offer:
You must request the data analysis and report writing service in the same quotation
The data analysis and report writing service must relate to the same job
You must quote DARE10 when requesting a quotation
It is not possible to add this offer after the quotation process
This offer will only give a 10% discount on the consultancy rate and not on materials or other expenses
You must accept the quotation in full, i.e. both the costs of the data analysis and report writing services
It is not possible to use this offer in conjunction with any other offers
This offer may be withdrawn at any time. In such a case, accepted quotations will be fulfilled as agreed
The quotation must include one of the following:
Competitor analysis
Customer satisfaction analysis
Financial performance analysis
Marketing analysis
Mystery shopping analysis
Performance analysis
Sales performance analysis
Survey analysis
Absence report
Audit report
Business report
Expense report
Finance or financial performance report
Management report
Marketing report
Mystery shopping report
Overhead report
Performance report
Production report
Retail report
Sales or sales performance report
Staff report
Survey report
This offer does not include user manuals or guidebooks.
It is essential for me to first agree on the objectives of the data analysis and to get to know your business, how you work, your work processes, etc. to provide you with a successful data analysis. This background information will help me focus on the important aspects and information during the analysis process. I will then start collecting the data and cleaning the data of any duplicate and incomplete records. By following this process, I make sure that after completing the analysis I can make the correct conclusions. With the correct results and conclusions, you will not be missing out on any opportunities. It will give you the chance to focus on major recommendations, increasing your turnover, reduce costs and beat the competition.
After completing the data analysis, I can then write the results into a report. The reports I write are well-structured, easy-to-read, of exceptional quality and fully reflect your instructions and guidelines. All reports will include graphs and tables and will focus on the group or readers you target.
All your data and source documents will be handled professionally, securely and confidentially.
Buy your data analysis and report today and stay ahead of the competition. Contact me now for further information, to discuss your requirements or to ask for a quote.
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20% discount for emergency services 50% discount when you order any services before 31/03/2019
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