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Data analysis is the process of evaluating data by comparing results with other sets of results to discover information and establish trends to support business decision making, serve customers and increase productivity and turnover. There are many ways of analysing data which may include text analytics, business intelligence and ways to make the data and results visible to immediately show trends and relationships.


Finding out what was happening in the past and what is happening now is very important to establish trends. Discovering trends early on will help you stay one step ahead of your competitors. Monitoring what your competitors are doing will make sure you can take decisions that keep you competitive. Analysing your financial and sales performances is an excellent way of discovering where your strengths and weaknesses are and where you have to improve. You can then use all the information resulting from the analysis to revise your marketing, purchasing and sales strategies.



I can provide you with a wide variety of analysis services. These include, but are not limited to:

Competitor analysis

Customer satisfaction analysis

Financial performance analysis

Marketing analysis

Performance analysis

Sales performance analysis

Survey Analysis

And many more  

During the data analysis process, I may use the following data sources: 

Accounting books and software

Bookkeeping software

Customer relationship management software

Customer feedback forms

Data lists

Accounting books and software



CRM  software


Documents (handwritten or typed)


Field notes

Membership lists


Feedback forms


Paper forms



And many more



All your data and source documents will be handled professionally, securely and confidentially. The data can be scanned, emailed, sent by post or couriered. You can even divert your customer feedback forms to me for processing.


Please contact me if you would like further information about this service, discuss your requirements or ask for a quote.


You can split the data analysis process into six stages: 

Draw conclusions and make predictions

Deciding the objectives:


Establish clearly defined objectives and find a way to determine whether your business is on its way towards reaching its goals. Identify the metrics and performance indicators as early as possible.



Identify business controls and ask questions:


Identify goals, metrics and controls early during the analysis process and ask questions, for example, why does department A produce more and better-quality products than department B? Your business must be willing to make changes to improve the metrics and as a result, reach its goals.



Collect data:


Collect as much data from as many different sources that are relevant to the analysis. Collecting lots of data gives you the opportunity to create better models and obtain more actionable ideas. In case the data consists of survey results, the questionnaire must focus on the subject of the analysis.



Data cleaning:


Data must be correct to generate the right results and make the right conclusions. Incorrect data may lead to wrong results and wrong conclusions. Data may include text files, scanned documents, Microsoft Excel files, etc. and may contain incomplete, incorrect and duplicate records. All data must be converted to the same format, incomplete records must be completed or removed, incorrect records must be corrected or removed, and duplicate records must be removed to get a set of data which is workable.



Data analysis:


The data analysis stage is the stage where you research the data, apply statistical methods, find patterns and ask and answer what-if questions to make sense of the data.



Draw conclusions and make predictions:


After completing the analysis, it should be possible to draw substantiated conclusions and make predictions for the future. A report may then be written based on these results, conclusions and predictions, which may include an action plan and other advice.



During the analysis process, it is important to stay objective, research what happened in the past, question what is happening now and then try to predict what may happen in the future.


Please contact me if you would like further information about this service, discuss your requirements or ask for a quote.

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Find out what your customers think about your company and the products and services you provide and ways to improve your score.

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Discover where your strengths and weaknesses are by analysing your financial and sales performances.

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Discover trends early and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Data Analysis

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