Data Entry Services
Includes 100% accuracy guarantee

Manual data entry takes a lot of time, time that you can better use to develop your business. I provide a wide range of data entry services, including but not limited to:

I can capture data from a wide variety of sources, including:

Address lists


Bank statements

Customer feedback forms



Data lists


Documents (handwritten or typed)


Field notes


Letters (handwritten or typed)



Letters (handwritten or typed)

Membership lists

Paper forms

Purchase orders

Membership Lists


Sales orders



And many more



Your data is very important to you. All your data and source documents will be handled professionally, securely and confidentially. The data can be scanned, emailed, sent by post or couriered. You can even divert your customer feedback forms to me for processing.


I will enter the data into Microsoft Excel or into an application or database that you provide and will charge per record. The charge depends on the number of cells or fields that need to be populated. If your data is incomplete, there is no need to worry. Incomplete records will be completed where possible or otherwise highlighted.


In additional to the above services, I can also validate addresses and other data at entry stage or prepare your data for further processing.


The charges for data entry work will depend on:

The volume of data that needs entering

The number of fields per record

The turnaround time

Whether the original data is in handwritten, typed or electronic form

Whether the original data needs to be returned or destroyed

All my data entry services come with a 100% accuracy guarantee. I am using a unique system to check for and avoid mistakes. Please  contact me if you would like further information about this service, discuss your requirements or ask for a quote.

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Lots of software supported, including:


After the data entry I can make a data analysis. I offer a wide range of data analysis service. Please click here to find out more information about the analysis services that I offer.


Based on the data analysis, I can create a wide variety of reports. I can output all documents in most formats, including Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, paper, book form, etc. For more information about my report writing services, please click here.


Data are bits of information, like facts or figures, collected together for reference or for use during data analysis to help business decision making.


Demand for data entry workers started in the late 1800ís with the invention of punch card data processing. The data entry workers were required to operate the key punch machines. To ensure the accuracy of the data entry, it was common practice to enter the data twice, the second time on a verifier, a separate machine with a keyboard. Punch card data entry was in the 1970ís replaced by the use of video display terminals.


Handwritten documents are nowadays very rare due to the advanced technology. Documents are now usually scanned and processed electronically. The accuracy with this does not only lie with the accuracy of the scanner and the OCR/OMR system (Optical Character Recognition and Optical Mark Recognition), but mainly with the quality of the original document and the quality of the scanned image. Therefore, this system still requires human interaction to review the results and to to verify the accuracy of the data. Any missed or incorrect data still requires manual entry.

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