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Data Analysis, Data Entry and Report Writing

List of available data services and how important they are

Microsoft Excel, data entry, data analysis and report writing go hand-in-hand. You can use Microsoft Excel for each of these three tasks. Please contact me for further information about my data services or to ask for a quotation.
I offer a comprehensive range of data services. These services include:

Data cleansing

Data entry

Data analysis

Report writing

Power BI dashboards and reports

Accurate data entry is essential for businesses. Orders entered incorrectly will have to be returned and replaced, increasing the costs to your business. Data entered incorrectly may also result in incorrect results when analysing the data. I offer a unique 100% accuracy guarantee for my data entry services, using a unique system to check for and avoid errors. For more information about my data entry services, please click here.

Do you have lots of business data but are struggling to extract any useful information from it? I offer a unique Excel consultancy and support service and can help you build a dynamic dashboard that will show you in easy to understand graphs how your company is performing. Do you need to move data from one application to Excel or vice versa, e.g. data from Excel to Sage or QuickBooks? Most applications can export data to Excel or import data from Excel. I can help you create a routine that will automatically complete this task, saving you hours or days of manual data entry and searching for data entry errors, reducing costs. I can also create spreadsheets from scratch for you or update existing ones to make them more efficient. For more information about my Excel consultancy services, please click here. For information about my Excel support services, please click here.

It is essential for me to get to know your business, how you work, your work processes, etc. to provide you with a successful Excel consultancy service. This information will help me focus on the real important aspects of your business and create a solution that that suits you. 

I also offer a professional data analysis service and report writing service. For more information about my data analysis services, please click here. For more information about my report writing service, please click here.

I can create automated reports and live and interactive dashboards using Power BI. With Power BI you can connect with data from a remote source on the cloud.

Your data is very important to you. All your data and source documents will be handled professionally, securely and confidentially. The data can be scanned, emailed, sent by post or couriered. You can even divert your customer feedback forms to me for processing.

Data is a set of factual information used as a basis for making decisions. 

Keeping your data up-to-date and removing duplicate records can make the difference between taking a right or wrong decision. Address information must be kept up-to-date, and the removal of duplicate and old records can save you money when sending out direct mailing campaigns and this can drastically improve the response rates.

The ability to analyse and act on data is of high importance to businesses. The speed at which changes happen makes that you need to be able to react quickly to these changes to stay profitable and one step ahead of the competition. Examples of such changes are changing demands from customers, changes in the economy and changes in the law.

It is important to obtain data that is correct to make the right decision.

To get more information about the above services, please click on the above links. Alternatively, please contact me for more information, to discuss your requirements or get a quote.

If you purchase the data analysis and report writing service at the same time, I can offer you a 10% discount.

Please check the terms and condition for further details on this offer. 

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10% discount when booking data analysis and report writing services together
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