History, Overview and my Experience with Microsoft Excel

I can provide a wide variety of Microsoft Excel services. Please contact me if you would like to discuss your requirements or to ask for a quote. No job is too big or too small for me, and I am happy to be part of a project team if required.


Microsoft Excel is the world leading spreadsheet application businesses use to store, organise and manipulate data. Most companies work with Microsoft Excel in one form or another, therefore requiring most employees to have a basic understanding of the program.


A spreadsheet is a program developed for businesses, and other organisations to store data in cells of a table. The data can consist of numbers, text, dates and times, Boolean values or the results of a formula or other operation that depends on the contents of other cells. The concept of a computer spreadsheet originates from a paper spreadsheet used for accounting.


Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet developed by Microsoft. It includes many features on top of the standard spreadsheet functions. Examples of these features include calculations, formulas and functions, graphics tools, Pivot tables, macros and many more.


I have been working with spreadsheets for over 35 years. The first spreadsheet programs I started with were Multiplan and Lotus 1-2-3. I then swiftly moved on to Excel and never look back to any other spreadsheet program. Now a professional Excel user, I have gained lots of experience creating complex Excel spreadsheets. In the past five years, I have started to pass my knowledge of Excel on to my colleagues.


Having graduated as a software developer specialising in databases, I have many years experience analysing software requirements and wishlists, building prototypes and creating full applications, mainly database oriented. Examples developing and maintaining databases and software include Niemeyer B.V, building software to support the production process in a tobacco factory, pension registration websites at Prudential and software to monitor voter preferences and predict the chance of them voting for a particular political party during election campaigns.


Having created a large number of spreadsheets during my career makes me an ideal Excel trainer. Many trainers only have classroom experience and are not aware of what businesses need, therefore focussing on parts of the software that people (almost) donít use.  It is also the reason that I have written the training modules myself and am currently writing training manuals. There is a training programme for everyone, from new users to users who want to move to the next level and refresh their knowledge.


I can provide training as a webinar or at your place of work in a classroom environment or as a one-on-one. Please contact me if you would like to discuss your requirements or to ask for a quote. Alternatively, please find out about the available services and training modules on this website for further information. Please note that I create a training programme based on individual requirements.

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New to Microsoft Excel or want to learn new skills? My Microsoft Excel training modules are then ideal for you. There is a training module for everyone, from beginners to more advanced users.

Excel Training

Need to create a new spreadsheet or amend an existing one? My Microsoft Excel consultancy service is then ideal for you. After completion of this service, you will be able to make faster and better-informed decisions as your data is presented more clearly, making analysing quicker.

Microsoft Excel Consulting

Need help with a specific Microsoft Excel spreadsheet? Then my Microsoft Excel coaching service is the perfect solution for you.

Microsoft Excel Support

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