Microsoft Excel Basics Training Module
Learn the basics of Excel


The Microsoft Excel basics training module is ideal for people with no or limited knowledge of Microsoft Excel. During the training, I will teach all the basics of Microsoft Excel that are required to create and work with Excel spreadsheets. Please contact me to discuss your requirements or to get a quote. This module covers the following topics:

Starting Microsoft Excel

The Excel start screen

Creating a new workbook in Microsoft Excel

Opening an Excel workbook

The Excel interface

The Quick Access Toolbar in Excel

The Excel Ribbon (including an extensive description of each tab on the Ribbon)

The Backstage View (with an extensive explanation of all functions that you can access from the Backstage View)

Viewing previous versions of a Microsoft Excel workbook

Printing a workbook in Excel

Headers and footers

Printing titles

Printing guidelines and headings

Sharing a Microsoft Excel workbook

Exporting workbooks to different file types

Publishing a workbook

Account settings

Microsoft Excel options

Importing data into an Excel workbook

About worksheets

Freezing panes

Working with multiple worksheets

Cell basics (inserting and deleting cells)

Row basics (inserting, moving, hiding, and deleting rows)

Column basics (inserting, moving, hiding, and deleting columns)

Cell content

Continuing a series with flash fill

Finding and replacing data in an Excel spreadsheet

Cell formatting

Fonts within Excel

Content formatting, including custom formatting

Cell styles

Wrapping and merging text

Cell references

Sorting data (including custom sorting, sorting by cell formatting, and multilevel sorting)

Filtering data (including applying multiple filters, multiple value filters, custom filters, creating compound filters, and using wildcards during filtering)

Formulas (including building formulas using absolute and relative cell references, and building complex formulas)

Functions (including common functions, the "AutoSum" command, and the function library)

And much more

If taken as a classroom training, the Excel basics training course includes a training manual and a DVD with examples and several exercises to test the participants understanding of the topics covered. If taken as a webinar, the course does not include the DVD and training manual.
The training is hands-on and includes a project, which focusses around the contents covered. During the project, the participant will need to create an invoice, using headers and footers, cell formatting, contents formatting, formulas, functions, and more. On top of that, each participant will receive a document with useful keyboard shortcuts.
Please note that the course is subject to a minimum and a maximum number of participants. Each participant requires access to a computer with Microsoft Excel installed. Participants do not need previous experience with Microsoft Excel. A deposit may be required before the course can commence.
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A deposit of 50% may be required seven days before the training commences.


The minimum number of participants for this course is four.

Number of Participants

No previous Microsoft Excel experience is required, knowledge of Microsoft Windows is beneficial. Each participant requires access to a computer with Microsoft Excel installed and their own login.

Pre-course Requirements:

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