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Get support with your spreadsheets


Do you experience any problems with your spreadsheets or dashboards?

Are you stuck using a formula or creating a chart, PivotTable or PivotChart?

Are your spreadsheets slow or are they crashing from time to time because they are using up too much memory?

Are there any missing or broken formulas in your spreadsheet?

Are error messages, like #DIV/0, #REF, or #VALUE! visible in cells?

Are there any duplicate records in your spreadsheet that affect the outcome of your data analysis?

Do you need advice on designing the best Excel dashboards?

Do you think it takes you too much time to maintain the spreadsheet and it could be more efficient?

Do you need help analysing data using Microsoft Excel? 

Does your spreadsheet have errors but you have difficulty finding them?

Are you a regular Excel user and complete recurring or repetitive tasks? You may be wondering if you can complete that task faster, more efficient and with fewer errors

Do you have lots of business data but are struggling to get any useful information from it?

Whatever the size of your problem, I am happy to provide you with my expert support. Please contact me to discuss your requirements, ask for further information or to ask for a quote. It is my goal to provide world-class service and help you solve any Excel problems that you experience, trying to make your spreadsheet more efficient at the same time.
I can provide a drop-in service where your staff can take any Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for advice or troubleshooting. Each session will last for a minimum of 30 minutes and can be extended. During each session, your staff can give an overview of the Excel spreadsheet and what challenges and difficulties they experience. After a quick analysis of the spreadsheet, I will then provide them with advice on how to solve the problem or any follow-up steps required.


I also offer affordable Excel support packages, where you can send your support request by email. When available, I am also happy to provide remote online Excel support where you can show your spreadsheet problem live. Each credit accounts for 30 minutes support.


Keeping your data accurate will help you make correct business decisions. I provide a specialist service where I make sure that your data is accurate and consistent, making analysing the data more precise.


I can also complete data analysis on your behalf and produce a variety of reports. For further information about the data analysis services that I provide, please click here. For more information about the report writing services, please click here.


No job is too big or too small for me, and I am happy to be part of a project team if required. I also provide Microsoft Excel training, there is an Excel training for everybody, from newbies to expert Excel users who need a refresher training or want to move to the next level. For further information about the training modules I offer, please click here.


Please contact me to discuss your requirements, ask for further information or to ask for a quote.

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