Microsoft Excel Training
By experienced Excel trainer


I run six Microsoft Excel training courses to suit everyone’s needs. These courses are:


Microsoft Excel Basics:


The Microsoft Excel basics training module is ideal for people with no or limited knowledge of Microsoft Excel. The module includes topics on how to use the Microsoft Excel Interface, the backstage view, how to create basic worksheets, formatting cells, columns and rows, how to find and select data, sorting and filtering data, functions and formulas, how to share and protect workbooks, etc.



Data Analysis with Microsoft Excel:


The data analysis with Microsoft Excel training module focuses on different ways to analyse your spreadsheet data. It is an ideal addition to the Microsoft Excel Basics training. The data analysis with Microsoft Excel module includes topics like sorting and filtering data, conditional formatting, charts, tables, PivotCharts, PivotTables, etc.



Advanced Microsoft Excel:


This module is currently under review.



Expert Microsoft Excel:


This module is currently under review.



Microsoft Excel Masterclass:


The masterclass training includes all of the above modules



Bespoke Microsoft Excel training:


The bespoke training option gives you the opportunity to create your tailor-made training programme by selecting the topics that matter to you. Choose this training if you want to provide your staff with a refresher course that focuses on specific topics


I can also offer one-on-one training. I run my training sessions onsite at your location as a classroom training or as a webinar where I share my screen with the course participants. Each classroom course includes a DVD with examples and several exercises to test the participants understanding of the topics covered.


Please note that the courses are subject to a minimum and a maximum number of participants. Each participant requires access to a computer with Microsoft Excel installed. A deposit may be required before the course can commence.


For further details on the specific topics covered during each course, please click on the course of your interest.


Please contact me to discuss which course would be best for your staff, to create a tailor-made training programme unique to your company or to get a quote.


Below you will find some of the topics that may be appear during the training courses: 

The Microsoft Excel Interface

Adding protection to workbooks and worksheets by using passwords

Automating repetitive tasks

Building complicated formulas

Charts and PivotCharts

Conditional formatting

Creating dropdown lists

Creating formulas


Data validation

Data manipulation and data management

Filtering data

Formatting cells, columns and rows

Formula auditing


Lookup tables



Sharing workbooks


Sorting spreadsheet data

Tables and PivotTables

Working with dates and times

And much more.

Website security
This training includes all the above training modules.

Microsoft Excel Masterclass

Focuses on different ways to analyse spreadsheet data.

Data Analysis with Microsoft Excel

Designed for anyone with no or limited knowledge of Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Excel Basics

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