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Writing a well-structured report can be a daunting task. First obtaining and processing all data required, then formatting it, creating a layout, using graphs and tables, and finally reviewing the final report can be a time-consuming task.


I can provide you with a variety of affordable reports. The reports I offer include but are not limited to: 

Audit reports

Automated reports

Business reports

Finance reports

Management reports

Manuals and guidebooks

Marketing reports

Mystery shopping reports

Performance reports

Power BI reports

Proposal reports

Sales reports

Survey reports

And many more.

The report writing service is usually purchased together with the data analysis service, with the exceptions of writing manuals and guidebooks. The reports I write are affordable and will fully reflect your instructions and guidelines. Please contact me to discuss your requirements and get a quote.


When writing a report, you will have a specific goal and group of readers in mind and will mostly base the report on the results of an analysis. The group of readers may consist of senior managers, clients/customers, government officials or the general public.


There are several types of reports. These include, but are not limited to analytical reports, external and internal reports, formal and informal reports, informational reports, inspection reports, periodic reports, proposal reports, etc.



Analytical reports:

Analytical reports include the results of a feasibility study or scientific research and tries to solve a specific problem. These reports include information, analysis and recommendations. Example titles of analytical reports include how to increase customer satisfaction, how to exceed sales targets, how to reduce delivery times, how to make production more efficient, etc.



External reports:


An external report is for distribution outside of the company or organisation. Examples of these reports are annual reports for shareholders, financial reports, etc.



Formal reports:


Formal reports focus on finding a solution to a specific problem and contain a lot of detail. Examples of these reports are analytical reports, informational reports, recommendation reports, etc.



Informal reports:


An informal report will focus on giving readers facts and information about a company or organisation. Examples of these reports are financial reports, progress reports, sales reports, etc.



Informational reports:


Informational reports contain information from a specific part or the complete business. Examples of these reports are compliance reports, policy reports, production reports, etc.



Inspection reports:


An inspection report is prepared to understand how a company, individual business or organisation performs. Examples of these reports are audit inspection reports, building inspection reports, food inspection reports, etc.



Internal reports:


Internal reports are used within a specific business or organisation and are not for distribution. These reports may contain classified information. Examples of internal reports are production reports, production cost reports, labour cost reports, etc.



Periodic reports:


A periodic report looks at the positive and negative work processes and focuses on milestones achieved and challenges experienced during the period that the report covers. Examples of these reports are staff performance reports, progress reports, etc.



Proposal reports:


A proposal report focuses on how one business can help another business achieve its goals and will include a quotation.



A single report can fall in more than one of the above categories.


Examples of reports are annual reports, appraisal reports, audit reports, book reports, business reports, census reports, compliance reports, credit reports, demographic reports, expense reports, experience reports, financial reports, inspection reports, investigative reports, justification reports, lab reports, management reports, marketing reports, memos, minutes, mystery shopping reports, news reports, performance reports, police reports, policy reports, procedure reports, progress reports, research reports, retail reports, sales reports, science reports, staff absence reports, survey reports, technical reports, trip reports, whitepapers, etc.


Please contact me for further information, to discuss your requirements or to ask for a quote.

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Have your audit and finance reports professionally written into a well-structured report using graphs and tables.

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